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Sunday Sun ☀

So this one is just my daily blog since I haven’t done one this weekend.

I had a hectic day yesterday being up from 8am(ish) for my soon-to-be brother-in-law’s engagement. God that was a mouthful just there!

Anyways so it was all Indian gear in the morning for the religious ceremony and then a quick change into my floral jumpsuit to party down theirs after! 🎉 🎂

Saturday was awesome, but I’m so glad today was more of a chilled day just because it’s been so hectic this week generally.

So today’s outfit was inspired by a pair of tights I got from SockShopUK a while back that I reviewed and I realised I’ve not worn them since, so I had to get them out today. I just love the fact they’re so sparkly and with the sun on it, oh my God statement piecing or what?! 😁

Now I know today (in the UK) was baking hot, so why the hell would I wear black tights? Well the main reason is to hide these damn bites I have on my leg!!!!! 🐛

I realised that it’s not because of the laser treatment I had but damn bites! Just had to be on my leg didn’t it!?!? 😡

Anyways here is my little low down of my outfit:-

Oversized shirt – Republic

Tights – Oroblu Natalia via SockShopUK

Converses – via Schuh


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sun ☀

  1. Im in Brum
    Been waiting to c u in tights tomorrow will be an opaque day matched with heels im guessing i’ll look forward to finding out

    Liked by 1 person

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