Happy 20k – Cervin Seamless Stockings

So here it is my lovelies - the ones most of you have been asking about as I bought them ages ago and still hasn't reviewed. That was because I wanted to mark it for when I hit 20k! ๐Ÿ˜‰ and at this stage let me just take a moment and thank each and every… Continue reading Happy 20k – Cervin Seamless Stockings


Calzedonia Net Tights

Now Iโ€™m actually liking this outfit today I have to say. I was umming about what to wear last night and along came that little ping! I decided to go blue and white with black being my statement piece! I got these tights not too long ago via Amazon as a one-off piece (thatโ€™s what… Continue reading Calzedonia Net Tights