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Oversized Dresses & Nude Sheers

So this morning was a nightmare! I got my outfit all sorted last night for once ready to just throw on and get out the door. Well it didn’t pan out how I wanted it to - I forgot to pair up my shoes which left me changing them a billion and 1 times (well… Continue reading Oversized Dresses & Nude Sheers

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When Red Meets Black

So this morning was a change of outfit to what I had planned for today. I was going to opt for a black lace dress with my sheers and heels, and then realised it was pretty dark for the type of day it is today (BRIGHT GLORIOUS SUNSHINE!) So I went with a dress which… Continue reading When Red Meets Black

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The Black Trio – Bodysuit, Stockings & Heels

So in between finishing off my last review on Knittex and writing this one, I ended up having to spend over an hour apologising to my neighbour about breaking down her wall because my car rolled back. So I'm not a happy panda right now!! Not the Sunday I expected! Anyways before all the drama… Continue reading The Black Trio – Bodysuit, Stockings & Heels