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Stacey Suspender Fishnet Tights

Thank you to one of my followers for these! It has been a while that these were sitting in my ‘To Review’ bag and I’ve finally got round to it!

Surprisingly I don’t have much to say about these to be honest – I can say that they are my first pair like this! They are held up with a waistband but I couldn’t show that off so you will only see the line going up. But have a look at the picture on the card it came with below and that will show you exactly what they look like.


So let’s begin – both good and bad points will be stated in this bit:

  • They came packaged OK – not overly impressed as it was just with this cardboard in a small clear packet.
  • They’re a soft fishnet so you know they’re going to be stretchy as hell!
  • The waistband hugs well – this is so needed as it does fall down your leg a little with it being so soft!
  • The design starts from the toes and works it’s way up to the top. This is only done at the front and the back just has the statement piece at the top. I had to admit I wasn’t overly impressed with the design near the foot as it isn’t like how it is stated in the picture above. It’s really cramped up and I wasn’t pleased. You will see this in the pictures that I will post below.
  • You can tell thee are pretty cheap in all honesty – where I have done closeups you can see bits of material coming out but then again they were on for cheap!
  • One tip for you all: you will need to turn these inside out as the material at the toes end there and you don’t want that sticking out of your peep toes! Once turned inside out, they act like a reinforced toe so can’t go wrong there!!
  • The design on either leg is slightly different – 1 leg I lined it up properly and the other leg was hard to get the line straight at the front and I just gave up in the end! I have no patience hehe!
  • You will need to be careful what you team these up with as they can look very vulgar if dressed wrong. I just went with a plain simple oversized jumper with a pair of short underneath with boots. I didn’t want to go OTT on this outfit as it can come across the wrong way. To make it a little playful you can always team up with trainers or timberlands! I definitely would but try to stay away in this review hehehehe!
  • The fishnets aren’t leg clinging and you might be able to tell in one of the pictures at the back of the knee.

Overall these aren’t bad but in my opinion I wouldn’t buy these myself due to the lack of quality of the material.








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