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Jonathan Aston Compact Spot Tights

So I got gifted these babies by @wonderful.shoes

… And they’re so lovely! They’ve got a cute little retro thing going on!

Ok so since I’ve been so busy to wrote up a review earlier and right now is no better I’ll get right down to it:

  • They were packaged well – although it had the cardboard inside it didn’t snag the tights!
  • I love how close the spots are – I’ve got some similar but they’re a lot wider apart compared to theae and don’t look do retro.
  • Has the reinforced toe at the front – it’s a visible black one which wouldn’t look so bad with peep toes or sandals if you’re adventurous like that!
  • You can team these up with a lot to be honest – I went with a school teacher look with a bit of pop!! 🎊

The blah points:

  • They do snag easy – it’s not too bad on the spots but on the sheer net it’s so noticeable.
  • They’re quite long – I like tights that are half your length so you know they fit perfect. But to be fair they didn’t fall or anything or crease at the ankle.
  • I don’t know if this is a good point or not bur they do need leave spot marks all over your legs. It does look pretty funky 😀


The deets:

Satin Shirt – H&M
Bodycon Skirt – New Look
Oversized Cardigan – Miss Selfridge
Tights – Jonathan Aston Compact Spot Tights via Amazon
Booties – Marks & Spencers







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