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Tights & Heels ♥

So this is just a quick review of the heels that were gifted to me by @dgpuente (yep he was the one who gifted the Charnos Sheer Gloss Tights). So I thought I would put the two together ☺

There is only good I can say about these:

  • They fit so perfectly – might seem like I have a small gap at the back but honestly they fit like a dream
  • Perfect to pair up with any type of tights
  • I like the way that these gloss tights actually make the white pop even more than pairing with it black Sheers
  • They could scuff easily due to the material on the outer but as they are a dull patent it would work with any outfit
  • I would normally pair courts with jeans or skinny trousers but I love the way they set off the tights in the pics below


12 thoughts on “Tights & Heels ♥

  1. Those legs are soooo lovely in sheer hose and heels, and the fact that they have an ankle bracelet under the hose makes it all the better. I will one day have to buy you some hose to review ;). Ta Ta.