18MM Leopard Lace Top Hold Ups

Fishnet Friyaaaayyyyy is here once again, and this time we are in a pair which are pretty simple, but with a leopard welt.

I thought these would be good to review, seeing as there are various opinions on the leopard print which I have noticed before, so let’s see what you all think to these…

The Spec

Colour: Fishnet Leopard

Size: One Size

Denier: Unknown 

Materials: Nylon 88%, Spandex 12%

Price: £3.25

Website: Amazon – 18MM Leopard Lace Top Black Hold Ups Stockings Pantyhose Tights

My Outfit

Let’s rock an evening outfit this time with fishnets – I always seems to do them for work, but never for evening attire. I wore my gold sequin dress paired with my platform sandals and donned some studs. You can always switch to hoop earrings or add other accessories to dress it up further.

My Deets

Dress: Lasula

Stockings: 18MM

Heels: Shoedazzle





The Review

From The Website: Fashion Stockings, Perfect for Dating, Cosplay and Party. All through from thigh to toe. Its special design will make you look unique. Make you charmer and sexy. Material bring airy, sheer. comfortable and soft effects.

Leopard Lace Top
Great accessory for dress or shorts
Nylon 88%, Spandex 12%
Hot and sexy!
Soft and comfortable to wear


The Packaging: so this is the 2nd time I have seen packaging like this for hosiery. The first time was Forever21 with a pair of burgundy fishnets. You have to rip the top (where the small cut is) and then pop open the packaging.

These do come with card in one of the legs so you know how small (or wide) the fishnets are. Luckily the card is place at the top just under the welt, so it’s easy to remove without any hassle.




Getting Them On: as these are smaller nets, it should be a lot easier to get them on. I always struggle with wider nets as my toes get aught in them or my anklets decided to cling on at the worst possible time.

With these, I had no hassle at all. They were easily to scrunch and roll them on and up the legs. Around the anklets they were fine and no sign of them getting caught either!



On The Legs: well these have to be one of the easiest pairs of micornets I have worn in a while. I normally end up ripping them as they get caught onto something or they irritate!

The denier of these I am not too sure what they are, but they are thick enough to withstand a tug to be honest. These are pretty thick and quite rough to touch, but nothing that would make you scratch your legs constantly.

The fit of them are great for a one-size pair; they have plenty of stretch to them, but bear in mind that these probably will stretch out to be slightly wider if your legs are longer or larger in size. I felt they hugged the legs really well and there was no sign of major gapping under the knees or around the ankles. They fit really nicely!

When you do take these, off give your legs around 10 minutes to get rid of the markings that will be left behind. I did find that these did push into the legs a little (no pressure or anything) and did leave fishnet markings dotted around the legs. They do clear real quick by the way …




The Toes & Ankle: so the toes are reinforced with a very small strip. When I say small I mean it just about covered my toes, so I had to stretch it out so I got an even look considering I was wear open toe sandals.

There was no pressure applied to the toes in any way, and they felt fine around the feet too.

The ankles show a smooth fitted finish.




The Bands: now the bands I thought were holdups to begin with, until I took them out the packaging and realised they were stockings. It’s just because of how the lace bands looks; it’s quite deceiving!

So the band itself is great; the clasps hook on super well to them and do not move once they’re in place.

I found these fit nicely around the thighs and didn’t squeeze the life out of them either, which is a bonus. I managed to sit these high up on the legs, but you can choose to sit them lower if you wish; there is enough stretch in the m to do what you like 🙂

The material is really soft on the skin, and not irritable either. I was wondering what it would be like during the day, but actually you hardly feel it once you’re on the move.




My Thoughts?

I gotta say I really do like these; different from what you normally get. I fancied going for something different to jazz it up, especially if you’re going for a night out!

I liked the quality of these, and the fit is real good too! I would certainly recommend them!

2 thoughts on “18MM Leopard Lace Top Hold Ups

  1. Hi Soni,I’m more of an admirer to look at legs in plain nylons,but the way you are wearing these fishnets in those ultra sexy sandals……I have to admit,it is 100% stunning👣😍
    Thanks for the review and have a nice weekend gorgeous!

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Wow! Visually, they look absolutely amazing….. and very sexy too, I might add. Oh you naughty girl 😜😏

    Im surprised that I actually quite like the effect of the leopard print. Used in the wrong way, I normally find it can look a bit tacky. But not in this case.

    Yup, do love those. A lot 👌😍